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 web2.0 Sam Brookes

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Web 2.0 is an echo-chamber - let’s face it. Many deny the fact, but it’s true. Ask anyone on the street about RSS, widgets, APIs, or wikis and you’ll get a blank face. Chances are they’ll think you’re speaking another language. Even fairly tech savvy Internet users frown upon such terms and phrases. As much as we’d like to think web 2.0 is mainstream, it isn’t.Those who live in this echo-chamber glorify the trends and technologies, as their value and potential is recognizable. This bleeding-edge Internet group wants the world to learn about these technologies, but the fact of the matter is that they are very daunting and intimidating to the average user. In other words, web 2.0 needs to be humanized before it can ever be adopted by the mainstream.
Blogs - When a user writes a ‘Note’ on Facebook, they are expressing their thoughts or opinions in a given manner. A collection of these notes, in reverse chronological order, can be classified as a ‘weblog’ or blog. The offline concept of a diary has been around for centuries. It doesn’t take a huge leap of faith to consider a jump into the online world.

My Space
MySpace, which launched in January of 2004, is the world’s leading social portal. MySpace empowers its global community to experience the Internet through a social lens by integrating personal profiles, photo sharing, professional and viral videos, blogs, mobile, instant messaging, and the world’s largest music community. MySpace is among the highest trafficked websites in the United States and includes an international network of more than 30 local community sites throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Fox Interactive Media is a division of News Corporation. Rupert Murdoch-helmed News Corp.

Google Apps technology
We found only one other Web 2.0 e-mail experience worth mentioning: 37signals' Backpack is a neat hybrid of e-mail, personal publishing, and to-do lists. However, we found Backpack too awkward to serve as a primary e-mail account, and you have to pay to access the full features.

The trio of big-brand, beta e-mail services offers more features than do the classic, nonbeta versions of Yahoo Mail and Hotmail that you may use today, but if you itch to switch, there's no easy way to import and export messages and contacts from one e-mail brand to another. We've been toying with these three beta tools through several iterations, and we expect more changes as their makers compete and respond to testers' requests.

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web2.0 Sam Brookes
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