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 Jessica Hun Web 2.0 and online applications

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Jessica Perry

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Jessica Hun Web 2.0 and online applications  Empty
PostSubject: Jessica Hun Web 2.0 and online applications    Jessica Hun Web 2.0 and online applications  EmptyMon Oct 18, 2010 7:38 am


MySpace is a social networking site where it allows friends to keep in touch and meet new people as well. MySpace is like an online community. MySpace started out as a website where bands could promote their music, but have since grown more popular as a more general community of friends. MySpace is a free website and anyone who is 14 and over can sign up for a myspace account.

Before creating a myspace account, you need to choose a username and password which will be used to log your self into your myspace account, This gives you control over what appears on your profile page. The only way other users can comment on your page is through comments, which you can choose to delete once you have logged in to your account.

Once signed up you can customize your profile by giving it a different background picture, uploading a photos of your self and others, adding information about yourself,and listing your hobbies and interest. You can also create your own blog for others to see and read.

Once signed up for myspace you can then start to browse for other users. you can easily add someone as a friend by clicking " Add to friends " you then have to wait for approval of the friends request.
You can also send private messages to your friends by clicking SEND MESSAGE link or post comments on the users page by clicking ADD COMMNET. Comments can be see by all users to that person's profile, so be careful what you post !


Facebook is also a social net working site but was originally deigned for college students, but is now open to anyone of the age of 13 and over. Facebook users can create and customize their own profiles with photos, videos, adding information about their selfs and interests and hobbies and relations ship status's / family.

To become a member of facebook you need a verified e-mail account to sign up that's your user name for your facebook account. When officially a member you can then start to search for your friends by typing the name of the users in the search bar and clicking search.

Facebook is quite safe to use as you can make your profile PRIVATE which means no one will be able to view you information, photos, videos etc.... unless there a friend of yours on facebook, And if being harassed, bullied or if any trouble is being caused you can block the user and also report them. However, you can adjust the privacy settings to allow users within your network (such as your college or the area you live) to view part or all of your profile. cheers

Each facebook profile has a wall, where friends can post comments to you. Be careful not to write personal messages as the users friends are able to view the conversations. Instead, you can send a private message which will show up in his or hers inbox which is similar to an e-mail

Facebook book is very useful to have as it can help you reconnect with old friends you've lost touch with , keep in touch with friends and family and also make new friends.


Google apps is a piece of software that you can access on the internet on your computer or on any other electric devices such as your mobile phone. there is a choice of many apps some of these include G-mail, calender and hotmail, google talk and google sites.Google is quickly marketing Google Apps to small businesses as a lower cost way to manage email and document collaboration.

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Jessica Hun Web 2.0 and online applications
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