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 Mohammed Facebook, Myspace , Google apps

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PostSubject: Mohammed Facebook, Myspace , Google apps   Mohammed Facebook, Myspace , Google apps EmptyMon Oct 18, 2010 7:16 am

Facebook opened in February 2004 and is privately owned by Mark Zuckerberg is a free social networking site which allows you to share pictures and applications with people who you consider friends. At first it was made for just for students of Harvard University until eventually it spread across to other colleges, then to high schools and finally given access to anyone over the age of 13

Mohammed Facebook, Myspace , Google apps Facebook

Myspace is a social networking site which was opened in july 2003 and was founded by Tom Anderson, Chris DeWolfe and a small group of programmers. One difference between Myspace and facebook is that you are able to change the theme and the background on Myspace while on Facebook you can'y.

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Google Apps is a service from Google for using custom domain names with several Google products. It features several Web applications with similar functionality to traditional office suites, including: Gmail, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs and Sites.

Mohammed Facebook, Myspace , Google apps Google_apps

Web 2.0 technology is term used to describe the second generation of the internet. web 2.0 technology is what the internet today with it we now have blogs and wikis it also lets us watch videos online so basically without it we wouldn't be able to do all of the stuff that we can do day on the internet.
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Mohammed Facebook, Myspace , Google apps
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